About me

Hey there!

I’m Luna – Photographer, Traveler, Foodie, Environmentalist and a Passionate Lover of Life.

Having a photographer for a mother I grew up with a camera in my hand. I feel blessed to have been mentored by some amazing photographers! Portrait photography sparks the most enthusiasm in me – I love the challenge of having human beings in front of my camera, with all their joy and passion, feelings of struggle and insecurities.

The most fascinating photographers to me are Sebastião Salgado, Gordon Parks and Annie Leibovitz.

When I occasionally put down the camera you’ll find me in the kitchen, creating a raw vegan dessert and other delicious healthy food. Combining both enjoying food – or life in general – and sustainability is a very important issue to me that I think about a lot.

Meeting new people from all over the world has always inspired me, personally as well as creatively and professionally. I crave seeing the world and getting in touch with foreign cultures. And connecting with people through my camera is a gift I am deeply grateful for.


“Working with Luna, both in front of, and behind the camera, is truly an exhilarating experience. I’ve known Luna for a long time and a few years ago we discovered our shared love for photography.

Every time we met she had new ideas for photos or even entire photo sessions. I was very shy in the beginning but Luna kept encouraging me without ever pushing too far or making me feel uncomfortable. Now, five years later I can proudly say that it is because of her that I feel more self-confident, whether there is a camera to stand in front of or not.

I would warmly recommend Luna as a photographer and I am really looking forward to future photo sessions with her. Luna is someone that I will never stop learning from.”

Constanze Josting, Student
Berlin, Germany

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