How can I live my wild power in civilization? The roaring lioness, the snarling tigress, the howling she-wolf. There’s this force, this natural, primal, uncontainable rising energy that is longing to find its way out. But how,...

Waiting for the Here and Now

I noticed, a huge amount of time in our lives, we just spend waiting. Sure, we don’t just sit somewhere and do nothing, waiting for this one thing we long for to happen. That might even be better because we’d actually realize how often we’re only filling time or...

How Leaving transforms Living

When people realize they’ll soon be dead, their priorities in life change. We’ve seen that in tons of movies. Suddenly, they want to do all the things they’ve been wishing to do their whole life. And they realize which people they really want to spend time with. The...

“Aren’t you scared?”

"Aren't you scared?" That's what most people ask me when I tell them about my after school-plans. "I'd be scared", they tell me. In autumn, I'll be traveling to South East asia on my own. And the answer is, Yes, I am scared. But you know what? I'm even more scared of...

Protected by Art

Protected by Art Art is not about perfection. Art is stepping out of the perfect conception, Separating oneself from what seems reasonable And just doing what springs to mind. Explosion, that’s Art, Implosion, Expression or Impression. Art is emotional, Art reveals a...

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It's Me, Luna!

. . . Photographer, Traveler, Foodie, Environmentalist and Life's passionate Lover 😉 Here I'm sharing my photos, thoughts and experiences. Enjoy!

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