Protected by Art

Art is not about perfection.
Art is stepping out of the perfect conception,
Separating oneself from what seems reasonable
And just doing what springs to mind.
Explosion, that’s Art, Implosion,
Expression or Impression.

Art is emotional, Art reveals a perspective.
Art is not objective,
Art shows a part of the inside, even when it’s the outside that’s displayed.
That’s why Art exposes Vulnerability.
When one paints, draws, molds, designs, writes,
It always reflects a part of one’s Self.
Art is personal, Art shows character.
As a Creator of Art one always reveals something about oneself,
Something one wants to express through Art.
Something one doesn’t want to express otherwise.

And when one talks about one’s own Art, one shows oneself,
One shows oneself more than one might want.
So Art is not only Expression,
But also Protection.
Protection to not have to show oneself other than through Art.
Art is so much more than Creativity.
Art is Self-protection.

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