Braveheart Woman


As women, we all have a vast power deep within ourselves. This power is more than drawing a sword to fight. It’s a power that unites all aspects of our feminine.

We are all different yet we can all connect to our unique feminine strength and beauty. 

The Braveheart Woman can be grounded, present and peaceful, but when needed can burst into fury or burn with enthusiastic passion. She can be elegant and graceful but also wild and untamed. She can be soft and tenderly caring like a mother but also realize her visions with clarity and determination. 
The Braveheart Woman is connected to her feminine energy, as well as her masculine. 
She has an inner strength and presence. 
The Braveheart Woman is full of love yet can always say say ‘No’ to stay true to her sacred authenticity. When she says Yes, it’s with all her heart. 

The Braveheart Woman chooses love over fear and courage over comfort.

The Braveheart Woman resides within all of us, no matter if you see every part of who she is in yourself.

Through photography I want to help you see, feel and express that Braveheart Woman that you truly are! 
When we live as Braveheart Women, we can all rise up to our full magnificent feminine potential.

How I Work

This photo shoot will allow you to step into whatever the Braveheart Woman means to you. 

I will hold a safe space for you to feel comfortable and relaxed so that you can fully show yourself with vulnerability and authenticity.

The session will not only endow you with beautiful photographs to keep and give to your loved ones. The experience itself will be a gift to yourself, to the Braveheart Woman inside you that finally gets to be expressed and eternalized in her pure, wild beauty.



Skype call or personal meeting to be well prepared for the photo shoot
60- to 90-minute-photo session
Selection of the best images for you to chose your favorite ones from
15 edited pictures of your choice to download in high resolution


one extra image: 20€
three extra images: 50€

You will receive the photo selection within one weeks after the photoshoot and the edited photos within two weeks after you have made your choice.

What My Clients Say

“My photo shoot with Luna was an amazing experience!
Luna made me feel comfortable so that I relaxed entirely, allowing for beautiful natural photos that captured my personality.
I would highly recommend Luna for a photo shoot as you will come away with very pleasing results. She brings out the best in you, that is for sure.”

Imaya Tolson, Student

“I was amazed how many good and varied pictures Luna took in such a short time! Now I have some fantastic photographs with excellent composition and perspective for my on and off line advertising.
Normally I am not comfortable being photographed, yet with her I was very relaxed and comfortable. She motivated me well, giving clear directions and yet still allowing enough space for something new and fresh to develop. I would hire Luna again without hesitation!”

Mara Stadick, Sexological Bodyworker