Below you can read about others’ experiences in front of my camera.
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„The photo shoot with Luna was not only beautiful, empowering, strong and joyful – it was a deep journey of healing to myself, into my expression and my willingness to be seen exactly as I am.

With her all-embracing way of being and loving guidance all around our session, I could surrender and find a playful, authentic and sensual expression which Luna captured in stunning photographs.

I’m infinitely grateful to you, Luna – for this deep transformational journey, the strong photos and the bliss that I got to experience after our photo shoot. I have never before seen my own beauty this much in photos. Thank you.“

Mira Hentze, Love*Life Coach
Steyerberg, Germany

This photo shoot is beyond what you can imagine!

It strengthened the expression of my very own dance: Wild, free, gentle, sensual, crazy and many more.
Luna has this gift to not only take photos, but also hold space in such a loving way that allows so much to emerge. Guided by Luna, I felt safe to connect deeply to my being and express myself in the dance.

I am very touched by the way Luna captured the most beautiful moments, even of my moving, dancing body.

The photos are brim-full of energy and I feel how they continue to carry me in that power. They’re unique and I’m so looking forward to use the photos for my offers, my business and privately as well.
It makes me so happy to know other women will be able to experience this magical, expansive photo session!“

Malea Fehrenbach, Feminine Embodiment Coach
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

„Luna doesn’t take photos. She’s doing magic with a camera.
Touched and speechless, I marvel at the photos like a child. They capture the moments from within, as if the heart of the moment was becoming visible in the picture.

Luna is looking through her lens with the eyes of love. She captures so much of the unique beauty of every single woman, that by seeing the photos I fall in love again – with all these women and with myself.
It is art. It is magic. It is love.
And within me is wonder and gratitude for you and your impact, Luna.“

Diana Duthweiler, Spiritual Coach
Ericeira, Portugal

“I’m so happy that I contacted Luna to take my photos. She is so warm and understanding during the whole process.
I was nervous before the photo shoot. But all nervousness disappeared and having my pictures taken felt instead like a safe playground full of dance and life.

I love the photos that I think really brought out the essence of me and my little business as a dance facilitator. Luna captured joy and power as well as vulnerability during the shoot. I loved seeing myself through Luna’s lens and the hardest part of the session was to choose the best pictures – because they were all amazing.”

Mette Oscar Pedersen, Movement Facilitator
Copenhagen, Denmark

„When I decided to have professional photos, Luna was the first and only choice for me. A sister in movement. A lioness waiting for the right time to capture the exact mega-cool moment on the dance floor and continued to dance as if nothing like this ever happened. 
What an extraordinary artistic eye! 

The session with Luna was very early in the morning on the top of a hill. 
Magical light and magical guidance for my movement. She guided me naturally into a movement meditation and did the photo shoot at same time. 

I enjoyed every minute of it. No weird posing, no stress.
And the results are incredible. I can see myself as a stunning Tribal Queen since then.“

Barbora Jirsová, Movement Facilitator & Teacher
Prague, Czech Republic

„With her natural presence and delightful humor Luna allows you to be yourself in front of the camera. When she is working with you her intuition brings the best of you forward to be expressed in the photographs so that they’re both touching and powerful. Her skilled eye plays with shadow and light, lines and space, depth of field and softness to create brilliant images.

I’ve booked plenty of photo shoots with Luna over the last 10 years. Each one of them was very individual and special in itself. I can highly recommend her. You will get beautiful pictures of yourself and for your business and you’ll definitely have a lot of fun working with her!“

Yeshi Choedon, Transformational Coach and Health Practitioner
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

„Luna is an embodied photographer that is able to capture the essence of why we dance.

I’ve seen her do it many times with not just me but others too. It was great to collaborate with her and DJ for one of her group photo sessions and people said it was like no other ‘photo session’ they ever had. 

It’s a unique skill to be able to photograph dancers in their authentic movement and Luna does it with so much dedication, commitment, passion and skill.

I recommend her healing photography sessions wholeheartedly.“

Maria-Carin Gala, Healthy and Delicious Chef & DJ
Stroud, UK

Being in a space held by Luna is highly refreshing. Her youth spirit brings so much joy into movement. 
Luna is a brilliant photographer, that is barely visible, when she takes photos in a group of dancers. She is a deeply honest woman in her power and a great dancer, who brings strong self-reflection to the space she holds. 
With deep gratitude I am looking forward to having a 1:1 photo shoot and to joining her dance events again, as well.“

Jakub Moulis, DJ & Movement Facilitator
Prague, Czech Republic

Luna is a sensitive, powerful and authentic human being, which – besides her professional skills – makes her a great photographer. 

I was lucky enough to experience working with her both individually and also as part of a group of dancers. When working 1:1, she created a safe space through her presence and when needed, gave inspiration with a few well-chosen words. She is creative and ready to experiment. When I was dancing as part of a group, she was there invisibly, absorbed in the group and then after a few days she came up with a bunch of beautiful photos full of real humanity. Through capturing the dancers’ bodies, she made the spirit of the dance visible. Pure magic.“

Kata Máthé, Visual Artist & Movement Teacher
Budapest, Hungary

„I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this unique experience.

By holding such a wonderful space, Luna gave us both the opportunity to live our full creative potential.

In addition to these incredibly beautiful photos that emerged from the photo shoot, I also got to receive amazing coaching.

The photos allow me to see myself from a different perspective. Thanks to Luna’s guidance I felt much closer to myself.
I love her work and trusted her deeply right from the start. I can recommend a Braveheart Woman Photo Shoot to any woman who wants to strengthen her self-love and embrace her power more.“

Hanna Wolf, Dance and Embodiment Coach
Bonn, Germany

Joyfully, naturally and full of creativity, Luna creates a space in which everyone can be herself.

With her presence, her empathy and an eye for the beauty of every woman, she allows us to be free, pure and entirely ourselves.
It’s not a regular photo appointment, but rather an experience that teaches us a lot about our inner world and that even makes our shadows shine!“

Noémi Eber Dick, Poet
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

„Actually I had just wanted to book a photo shoot and get a good dose of rolling in the mud.

What it turned out to be was a journey to myself. I want to express my gratitude to this young woman with a warm, old soul.

Thank you for the key you gave me, Luna. The key to myself and all that I am.

Thank you for my own private festival 2020.
Thank you for your colorful being and your beeeaauuuutiful, moving photos.
Thank you for in-depth conversations and room for growth and change.

The photos give me a lot of warmth and strength. I especially love to look at them in moments of not feeling lovable. It helps me to be a loving sister, friend and mother to myself.

I’m looking back at a real treasure, from which I can continue to learn and which will unfold like a blossom bit by bit.“

Stephanie Deuschle, SoulBirthDoula
Waiblingen, Germany

„Luna guides you to bring your vision and your dream to life.

In doing so she is very sensitive and creates a space in which ALL of you is allowed, seen and honored. Every wound, every vulnerability, and every color of your being can be expressed. That is healing, when everything is welcome. Uncensored, without perfection. Simple. Just You.

The Braveheart Woman Photo Shoot has reminded and empowered me. It’s an incredible gift that I can recommend to every single woman.

Hanna Blume, Healing Artist
Vienna, Austria

„Luna has the gift of being one with her camera, a fully embodied capturing eye. She throws herself in the moment, becoming a flowing essence among the dancers, drawn by her connection to every detail. 

The result? – All the power, sensuality and aliveness in the magic of pure presence. An invaluable gift for the people receiving this art.“

Alexandra Kort, Movement Facilitator & Performer
Caen, France

„With her calmness and openness Luna provided a safe space in which I could thrive. Through her words at the beginning, I could ground myself deeply and surrender to the process.

I had wished to visualize my close relationship with nature in an artistic way through the photos.
The day exceeded my expectations and I love to remember the magical moments in nature, which received me so deeply and showed me that I’m just right the way I am.
I am very happy with the photos and the experience with Luna, and I can recommend it to every wild woman out there.“

Martina Flörchinger, Biologist and Nature Educator
Augsburg, Germany

„I know Luna to be a passionate, talented and dedicated photographer, with a deep connection to movement and dance. She’s willing to give what she has, and willing to learn what she doesn’t have, which makes a strong combination. I’m grateful to be working in collaboration with her.“

Adam Barley, Founder of ZeroOne Movement Practice
United Kingdom

ZeroOne Conscious Movement Practice with Adam Barley
ZeroOne Conscious Movement Practice with Adam Barley
ZeroOne Conscious Movement Practice with Adam Barley
ZeroOne Conscious Movement Practice with Adam Barley

„While in other places the right make-up and posing might be the most important thing, the photo session with Luna is actually about You – with your whole spectrum of beauty and emotions.

Instead of a scrutinizing camera lens I felt Luna’s powerful and calm presence during the shoot, which brought me back to myself and this moment again and again. My insecurity was welcome to be there – or simply disappeared with Luna’s en-courage-ment and sensitive communication that gave me support and orientation. Along with a detailed preparation session and a meditation at the beginning and end of the shoot, she thereby created a special, almost ritual space in which I felt seen and cared for.

At my beloved seaside, I flowed into free movement and began to merge with the sand and the water – to really feel and sense, and to even let myself be seen in my grief and with my almost naked body. In my truth and natural authenticity, that Luna seemed to capture so effortlessly. She played with light and composition, different frames, colors and perspectives in her very own unique way.

The resulting photos blew my mind with their diversity and power of expression – they surprised me, moved me deeply, and made me so happy. They’re a wonderful reminder of my own beauty – just like I truly am -, with all that is in and outside of me, here and now, in every moment.
Thank you, Luna!“

Katja Marzahn, Artist and Author
Strausberg/Berlin, Germany

Wild, joyful, loving, angry, sexy, sad, defiant. We all experience these feelings and at times it’s good to show them instead of swallowing them all!

The Braveheart Woman Shoot with Luna was fantastic. She held a safe space for me to express all aspects of myself. 

This was not a photo shoot to get some nice pictures. It’s a shoot to capture your own, true beauty. We don’t have to look pretty or be happy to be beautiful. We’re beautiful when we fully embody our true self.

No matter who you are, Luna will always allow you to be authentically You.
I’m deeply grateful for Luna supporting me to see all the different faces of my beauty.

Paula Boroevics, Lover of Food and Life
Berlin, Germany

„Through the Braveheart Woman Photo Shoot, Luna allowed me to perceive myself the way I am. Luna does not work with the perfect posing and top styling, but with feelings, energy and your inner power. You are the main actor, without acting.
Luna gave me the space, the strength and the courage to express myself and captured that in photos.

When I saw the pictures, I thought, „That is ME – my authentic Self.
The photos remind me of a wonderful, magical day, and especially of the fact that I am worthy and enough.“

Ana Meier, …on her way to self-love
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

I was reaching for the stars, dancing in my power. And Luna created the safest space I could imagine for that to happen.
Within the space full of love and sensitivity she held, I could get to know my Braveheart Woman and her feelings in detail. More and more I became her, the Braveheart Woman.
And then I stood there, wet, full of dirt and peaceful within myself. Held and seen.

The photos are a magical gateway to this feeling. Whenever I look at them, my heart is dancing and the Braveheart Woman within my laughs.“

Emilia Houzer, Artist of Life and Student
Hamburg, Germany

„The Braveheart Woman Photo Shoot with Luna was a unique, liberating experience for me.

Already our preparation session was profound, and during the shoot I could release my fears in order to be truly seen. In her loving way of being, Luna welcomed all topics and emotions that arose and wove them into the photo session. I felt in good hands with her, so that I could let go of all my layers in every sense and be in my power.
It was a pleasure!

Luna’s impressive photographs capture me how I perceive myself.
Thank you for this gift!“

Eva Margarethe Radetzki, Occupational Therapist
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

„The Braveheart Woman Photo Shoot is a journey into your own diversity and freedom as a woman.

Luna’s presence gives me permission to genuinely BE – even with insecurity in front of the camera.
The way Luna asked questions in our preparation session in a natural, powerfully disarming way in the best sense, touched me deeply and connected me to my truth.

The photo session gave me an extra kick of freedom, that feels sustainable, like a deep breath of relief. Because I get to be wild as well as silent and vulnerable. And because, as a woman, I finally get to unlearn that I always need to smile.
Luna can allow and take in my unconditional freedom, because she knows it herself.

Looking at my photos is medicine. From deep within the heart they give me the courage for more clarity. They are a source of inspiration to show myself and my work to the world in a new and more truthful way.

Every woman, especially the already so experienced women in their 40ies and 50ies, should get to enjoy working with Luna.
Sisters, you will experience yourselves in a whole new way.

Monika Ananda Wiese, Bodyworker & Conscious Dance Facilitator
Allgäu, Germany

It is a joy to be in Luna’s presence. She is cheerful, fearless and direct, and at the same time very receptive, respectful and humble. 
Her photographic experience – the way she can sensitively take a picture and capture the beauty of the moment of the dancer’s expression – is breathtaking and highly professional.
She can sense the right moment when to enter the field of another dancer, when to challenge, and when to let herself be led.“

Ivana Vaňková, Addiction Recovery Therapist
Prague, Czech Republic

„I never felt very good in my skin when I had my picture taken. Especially planned photos where always accompanied by an uneasy feeling, a mixture of fear, shame and pain.
During my shoot with Luna, the old feelings came to knock at my door sometimes, but most of all, there was something very new.
I felt Luna’s sensitive invitation that it’s absolutely ok to feel shy and vulnerable.
And immediately, a space of tenderness, innocence, not-knowing and curiosity opened within me.

I really like the photos that were created during this little journey. Luna’s work is so much more than a photo. It is an invitation to be entirely yourself. With your own permission to show yourself fully, you can see yourself more fully. And then something heals within, something new is being born.
I find that very powerful and beautiful.“

Katrin Pauline Müller
Berlin, Germany

„Luna is a bundle of energy. Inspiration is pouring out of her.
At the Bloom Moon Festival she was always there in the background, her camera lying next to her, ready to capture the right moment. That is visible in the pictures as well.
One can see how she captured the essence of the individual women, and the essence of the individual moments. The power, beauty and aliveness of the festival can be felt in every single photo.
We want to thank Luna from our hearts and are looking forward to future projects with her.“

Luzia Mara Schucan & Jennifer Nadia, Organizers of the Bloom Moon Festival

„The photo shoot with Luna was definitely unique.

It was not about acting and pretending or creating a particular vibe.
Instead, Luna started our session with a short meditation, guiding me out of my head and into feeling. 
That allowed to me feel and live what wanted to be expressed. It was really ME who was being photographed.

Joyful, serious, graceful, afraid, innocent, cheeky, naked, laughing, screaming. Everything that was already there could have its place.
To be honest, it wasn’t easy and I felt very vulnerable. But Luna was able to hold a safe space and eventually guide me back into peaceful ease.

Thanks to this photo shoot with Luna, I found my voice. Never before has „roaring like a lioness“ been such a liberating force in my life.“

„Sandrina“, Artist
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

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