About Luna

My name is Jördis Luna.
I am a Transformational Photographer, Braveheart Woman, passionate dancer, conscious movement facilitator and DJ.

I guide human beings into their authentic, wild expression and into their connection to themselves and the nature of this earth. I combine the art of the dancing body with that of photography and love to awaken aliveness and capture it in photos.

I work especially with…

  • women* who want to become more visible with their work – their soul-led business -, authentically alive and radiant
  • women* who want to come into contact with their wild expression and wish for a deep experience of being seen and seeing themselves in beauty
  • space holders who wish for their retreat or workshop to be powerfully accompanied by a photographer who creates touching photos while being part of the group
  • dancers who wish for professional, moving photos to promote their work as a facilitator, teacher or performer
  • humans who desire to awaken aliveness in their bodies and become more embodied in every day life!

I love beauty. I am finding it in seeing people truthfully, in untamed nature, in the light of the sun and the moon, and in the dance, which is with me every day.

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My path:

At 12 years old, I begin to take photos a lot. Through my mother, I gain my first knowledge about the art and craft of photography.

In my youth, I learn from several photographers and books, but mostly simply by practicing!

Over the years I get to receive embodied knowledge about body work, dance, femininity, practice and transformation processes, which starts to weave with my work.

My fiery passion for dance and conscious movement starts to burn in 2018, and my devotion to the dance is deepening ever since.

Since 2019, I photograph women* wildly radiating in nature and create authentic photos for their heart-based and soul-led business with them.

In 2020, I begin to hold online workshops on the topics that inspire me – anger work, money, visibility, women* empowerment, and sensuality.

Less than a year later, I hold my first empowering women’s retreat and start to guide dance journeys.

In 2022, the dance is becoming more present in my photography as well, and I witness and support dancers, movement teachers and dance groups with my camera.

Since early 2023, I am studying intensively with the movement facilitator Adam Barley.

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