Testimonials for Movement & Dance Spaces with Luna

„Luna carries a unique blend of qualities as a human being and as a space holder: fiery passion and feminine wisdom, powerful self-expression and careful listening.

Her grounded presence creates a safe space where I can surrender and let her guidance carry me. Her femininity awakens the soft animal in me, bringing me deeper into my body, while her fierce passion ignites the fire in the room: the kind of clearing fire that brings more clarity and inspires everybody to express themselves more truly, more deeply. Both are so much needed in our world. 
Luna is a mature soul in a young body: I recommend her work with my full heart.“

Kata Máthé, Visual Artist & Movement Teacher
Budapest, Hungary

„I especially loved that we didn’t just dance but that we were in a non-judgmental space in which we could show ourselves as we are.
I was allowed to laugh from the depth of my soul, groan and scream.
The experience was very liberating, because when I danced it was not about looking good, but about how I felt and about dancing together. I could feel an incredible connection between the people in the group.

Luna is really good at creating the atmosphere. Because we were all so real with one another, I was able to have a deep connection with one of the other dancers.
Her choice of music was perfect for the mood in the room. There was a variety of exciting, liberating music as well as gentle music.“

Juliana de Mello Bartels
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

„The energy of Luna’s youth is so “contagious” in the best sense of the word.
It is a joy to be in her presence. She is cheerful, fearless, full of desire, direct, and at the same time very sensitive, respectful and humble. She’s open to listen, perceive and feel.

I love how tireless and honest she is in the movement, with her inner drive, courage and willingness to perceive and understand.
She can sense the right moment when to enter the field of another dancer, when to challenge, and when to let herself be led.
Thank you, Luna, for your willingness to reveal the layers of your beautiful personality to me.“

Ivana Vaňková, Addiction Recovery Therapist
Prague, Czech Republic

Being in a space held by Luna is highly refreshing. Her youth spirit brings so much joy into movement. 

Luna is a wonderful DJ with a juicy taste of music and a brilliant photographer, that is barely visible, when she takes photos in a group of dancers. She is a deeply honest woman in her power and a great dancer, who brings strong self-reflection to the space she holds. 
With deep gratitude I am looking forward to joining her events again and to having a 1:1 photo shoot.“

Jakub Moulis, DJ & Movement Facilitator
Prague, Czech Republic

ZeroOne Conscious Movement Practice with Adam Barley

„I know Luna to be a passionate and dedicated dancer, with an ability to channel that passion into her talent for photography too. She’s willing to give what she has, and willing to learn what she doesn’t have, which makes a strong combination. I’m grateful to be working in collaboration with her.“

Adam Barley, Founder of ZeroOne Movement Practice
United Kingdom

„Luna will guide you with all her generosity through a journey in the vibrations of the heart, strongly rooted in the earth, widely open to calling in the light.

As a photographer, she has the gift of being one with her camera, a fully embodied capturing eye. She throws herself in the moment, becoming a flowing essence among the dancers, drawn by her connection to every detail. “

Alexandra Kort, Movement Facilitator & Performer
Caen, France

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