Documentary Photography for Events, Workshops & Retreats

Movement Faciliator Mentoring Retreat

in Hungary | with Adam Barley

„Luna has the gift of being one with her camera, a fully embodied capturing eye. She throws herself in the moment, becoming a flowing essence among the dancers, drawn by her connection to every detail.“ – Alexandra

„A lioness waiting for the right time to capture the exact mega-cool moment on the dance floor and continued to dance as if nothing like this ever happened. What an extraordinary artistic eye!“ – Barbora

„Her photographic experience – the way she can sensitively take a picture and capture the beauty of the moment of the dancer’s expression – is breathtaking and highly professional.“ – Ivana

„She was there invisibly, absorbed in the group and then after a few days she came up with a bunch of beautiful photos full of real humanity. Through capturing the dancers’ bodies, she made the spirit of the dance visible.“ – Kata

„Deep, Wild & True“ Movement Workshop

„Deep, Wild & True“ Movement Workshop
in Copenhagen, Denmark | with Adam Barley

„Omg Luna, you are such a fucking amazing photographer – the pictures from Copenhagen are sooo beautiful ART” – Rikke

Bloom Moon Festival for Women*

in Switzerland | with Luzia Mara Schucan & Jennifer Nadia

„Luna is a bundle of energy. Inspiration is pouring out of her. The power, beauty and aliveness of the festival can be felt in every single photo.“– Luzia & Jennifer

“Evolution” Movement Workshop

in Prague, Czech Republic | with Adam Barley

„Luna is a brilliant photographer, that is barely visible when she takes photos in a group of dancers. She is a deeply honest woman in her power and a great dancer, who brings strong self-reflection to the space she holds.“
– Jakub

ICMTA Teacher’s Gathering

in France | hosted by the International Conscious Movement Teacher Association

MOVE Retreat for Women

in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany | with Yeshi Choedon

WildSommerGöttinnen Retreat

in France | with Malea Wonder & Luna Bürger

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